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Kingdom Spoilers & RAW Chapter 787

The Wolf Blood Oath

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Kingdom Chapter 787 Spoilers RAW Summary

Title: The Wolf Blood Oath

Kan Saro brings in the head of a thousand man commander.

The soldiers try to get him to join, but he says he doesn’t like being part of groups.

Ji Aga then brings in 2 heads of thousand man commanders and a hand, but he’s told he won’t get paid for the hand.

Ji Aga boldly declares that he also is a lone wolf who isn’t interested in joining them, although no one actually invited him to join.

Flashforward to Kan Saro and Ji Aga stabbing a guy at the same time, so they bicker about whose kill it is.

Ji Aga says they can settle it in a duel, but Kan Saro declines.

He says he’d win but would probably lose an arm.

Ji Aga takes the head back to camp to get paid, but he’s cut the head in half so they can split the reward money in half.

Ji Aga is stunned when the official says they can split the money without splitting the guy’s head down the middle while Kan Saro just laughs.

That night, Kan Saro and Ji Aga discuss how they’re both lone wolves, but they would feel comfortable having each other as friends since they’re both strong.

Ji Aga declares they’ll make a blood pact using the wolf blood in their cups.

Kan Saro corrects him that it’s goat blood, but Ji Aga says “If the two of believe it is wolf blood, then it is so. With the moon and the soil as our witness.”

Kan Saro is very confused lol.

“This wolf blood oath is an oath of the soul.

If we exchange these cups, our spirits will be merged into an inseparable bond.

Our strength will reside in each other.”

Kan Saro says he would be happy to have Ji Aga as a life long friend.

Ji Aga states that from here out they will achieve many victories, but he believes that this oath will be the greatest joy of his life.

With that, they swear the oath and drink.

Second Flashback: Kan Saro apologizes to Ji Aga that he’s found someone he wants to follow.

Ji Aga tells him not to apologize, and he’ll join as well.

Ji Aga confirms he means “that giant man” and that he’s also spoken with him before.

The fact that the two of them have found a master worth giving their all for is the second greatest joy of his life.

In the present, Kan Saro apologizes to Ji Aga that he’ll be leaving his body behind, but their spirits will be together as they go to save Shibashou.

Kan Saro orders his army to move to where the Shibashou main army is so they can take Ousen’s head and go home together with Shibashou.

You are reading Kingdom Chapter 787 Spoilers in English. Read Chapter 787 RAW of Kingdom manga online on for free.


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CH# 786
CH# 788
Kingdom Spoilers & RAW Chapter 787

You are reading Kingdom Spoilers & RAW Chapter 787 in English. Read Chapter 787 of Kingdom Spoilers & RAW manga online on for free.